Beauty – not just in the appearance, but in the experience…


Welcome to the Al-MuTECHeen team blog!

Beauty, like time, race, and perfection, is a concept whose accepted definition depends on the society you live in. Being a proud Hijabista in uber Republican Staten Island thus puts me at odds with my area’s accepted definition of beauty. However, beauty goes beyond the external–– it is entwined with our experiences

How I live, what I eat, who I share my time with, what I do when I’m alone, my hobbies, my pet peeves, and all my experiences can be held in the arms of the noun “beauty”. Experiences like opening royal burgundy curtains to expose a colorful set to an awaiting audience. Experiences like learning to play an Italian card game with my friends. Experiences like learning different hijab styles, folding paper cranes, and making dad jokes, for me, define the word beauty. I think what especially defines beauty is the moments where you can’t help but laugh. And that’s what this blog is about.

    Al MuTECHeen is all about keepin’ it real and keepin’ it halal. We want to share our utterly subjective ideas and feelings about beauty (among other things) in order to widen our horizons, and perhaps yours. Through this blog, my sistas and I hope to share an amalgamation of our experiences and feelings of beauty through words, videos, and pictures with everyone who happens to spot our corner of the interwebs. To share insight, to learn, to love, to laugh–– that is the goal. So keep it one hundo, and we’ll see you soon Inshallah.