Is Beauty, Pain?

My homegirls and I recorded ourselves doing jamsu, a Korean beauty trend that’s suppose to set your foundation firmly and smoothly.

However, it is quite painful. You have to stick your face in a bowl ofice water for 30 seconds! It bloody hurts. This was a slightly painful process, but it achieved a smooth, finished look; it did the job. Which brings me to my point.

Society tells us that beauty is pain, that in order to achieve an ideal beauty standard, there are painful processes you must go through. And, although I agree that no one should ever feel pressured to look a certain way if someone chose to do jamsu, I wouldn’t blame them. Not only does it set your foundation, but it wakes you UP! It’s so refreshing, that I would just recommend sticking your face in ice water without the whole makeup part.

Regardless, whether or not you want to wear makeup, whatever lengths you may go through to set your foundation, never feel pressured. It’s your choice; do it for you, and only you. So long as you feel fresh and ready to kick some butt, you’re good to go.


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